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We've been making sites profitable for over 30 years. No matter whether it's been 1 plot or 1000+ plots. 8,000 sq.ft/acre or 30,000 plus sq.ft/acre.

As Cost Effective Residential Development Architects We Design
Traditional - Period - Vernacular - Contemporary Houses & Apartments

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We Work to our 'SMART' Principles, using 5 checks throughout the design and development stages of Residential Development Projects 

What you see below is first te usual patern of working by most architectural providers, then we explain our SMART process and all its benefits, such as reducung the lenghth of the design stage overall, with better results fo all your technical and commercial departments.

Resi Development Services - Usual Pattern

This Type of Scenario is Offered by Most Designers. It Should Seem Very familiar

Stage 1. Feasibility

A Feasibility plan is produced in accordance with your design brief. It seems to have the right numbers, but may not take full account of the sites constraints. Later leading to tight margins and a mismatch between pre-capex/capex 1 and the land bid. It now becomes a battle to provide what the vendor is looking for in value terms. This leads to later price chipping and erosion of the developers reputation with the vendors & agents. It may also require more than one amendment to the sketch layout, which may have an on-cost and inevitable time delays.  

Stage 2. Planning

Next stage, planning, following a satisfactory capex sign off, any architect worth their salt can produce a good set of planning materials. During this stage you look deeper at costings and commercial viability. Often the sites constraints come to a head now. Changes are made in terms of architecture, planning and engineering. Eventually an approval is obtained in 12 weeks+. Capex 2 starts and budgets are once again adjusted and perhaps the conditional land bid is again chipped to take up any shortfall in projected construction costs/profits.

Stage 3. Construction

You finally get on site, You've ironed out all the site issues prior to SOS. Now remediation starts and ground workers come up with a raft of new issues, that once again affect budgets. Unless you're lucky enough to have an all risk price. Finally the enabling works start, and technical approvals are almost there, bar a few adjustments. We both know how this affects programs and budgets. You decide it would be a lot easier to have the issues sorted up front at day one, next time. But like most, your procurement remains the same, and you do it all over again.

What we have above is the standard design service working within a land/planning/development program. A service that may not fit in with your pattern of site procurement and development as well as it should. As 'Housing  Development Planning Architects', we do things a little differently, which brings major benefits for you, our developer clients.

Keep reading to see the benefits.

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Are You Looking For Pro-active Residential Development Architects ?

Being Client Focused, Results Driven Architects, we turn a sites constraints into opportunities, ADDING Value. Get in touch today if you'd like to know how we do it.

Residential Planning Layout Design Services - the SMART Way

Now for Something Different. We know that turning problems into opportunities means

More Profits & Shorter Programs and there are more benefits too. We call it working SMART, let us explain



Being specific means drawing out the achievable index at a very early stage.



Our Real time feasibility process, provides measurable results.



Working towards Capex approvals with achievable results is beneficial.



Taking your planning to the next level in a realistic & accountable way.



Altogether a very timely process getting you on site sooner



Optimising the residential development index as part of the brief can be achieved when we have a thorough understanding of the site constraints & opportunities. So the first step for us is a site visit and inception meeting with the development team. We aim to bottom out all constraints from planning to engineering, landscape and the developers preferred phasing. In the hope that we can add positive angle to the ROCE through its reduction during the early stages of the development. This in turn prepares pre-capex/capex 1 in a positive way with an achievable balance sheet.

resi-development-architects-constraints by mbo architects york



By working with you on the constraints and opportunities first. Your development team, are more informed, this leads an early viable feasibility scheme being attained. Continuing feedback between the consultants and developer allows the feasibility to take a commercial form much sooner. Thus turning the constraints into opportunities, with an eye on reduced ROCE during the early stages of a site development program.

resi-development-architects-sketch-layout-sample-sq350 by mbo architects york


working towards CAPEX 1

As you move forward towards planning, your commercial teams will no doubt look at the figures in more detail. Although you are most likely purchasing land on a conditional basis. A good feasibility that won't require much change if any, is a good place to be at this stage. Your Estimator ca look at the scheme with more confidence, as he works through the schedule that we provide to highlight how the constraints have been overcome, and any other opportunities we think may be further exploited if cost effective.

resi-development-architects-inception-meeting by mbo architects york


Taking Planning to a whole new level

You now have a package of materials that enable a swift and concise planning package to be put together. The pre-planning app meeting will have taken place and because of the work carried out upfront, a planning application should have become a mere formality, probably with a 12 week determination guaranteed of even reduced to 8 weeks. Our planning team will continue to work with the development team consultants to work through any issues that have been raised through consultation. This gives you a head start on agreement of terms for your technical approvals, post planning and conditions sign off.



working with CAPEX 2 & getting on site

Once you have your planning approval, we understand you still have work to do. As resi development architects we will continue to support your delivery of your final capex where we can. Perhaps you will need presentation plans, street scenes etc for board approval. We are able to help with these as well as ensuring we are available for any prior public consultations. Our clear and concise fee proposals set out every detail, and you will be surprised how competitive we are too.

resi-development-architects-capex2 by mbo architects york

Whilst the above is an illustrative example of our own preferred SMART design process, our services are still tailored to suit your land and technical processes, we understand that each developer has similar requirements, achieved through your own processes. We don't aim to reinvent the wheel, merely make it turn faster and smoother.

What's Important to us, is removing time spent on unnecessary revisions and working with the whole development team at day one, to reduce program time and increase profits for consultants and you the developer.

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Here's Another Major Benefit!

We're  Good at Architecture and Master Planning too.

As resi development architects, you'd expect we know a thing or two about residential developments design, and you would be right. We have been at the forefront of New Community Planning, Speculative Developments, Affordable Schemes, Retirement Villages, Low Rise, Medium Rise and High Rise, Detached, Semi's, Townhouses, Apartments, Extra Care, Student Accommodation, and much more. Including brownfield sites, contaminated sites, greenfield, greenbelt, conservation areas, economic development zones and we have been doing it for over 30 years. Hell occasionally we even get straight forward pieces of land to design developments on.

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Our services are tailored to the way you work, add in the benefits we provide, and you have a something worthwhile exploring.

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And Here's Another Great Benefit of Working With Us

We're About New Technologies Too, and we're not just talking about BIM

Our latest technology exploration is LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) when connected to a Drone UAV. This is great for mon-obtrusive initial land survey data. In fact the big data collected can be used throughout the life-cycle of a project site. Can be usd to calculate cut and fill volumes, remediation movement and post remediation checks. Setting out checks to within 2.5mm accuracy. Mapping of existing buildings for condition surveys. Carrying out Internal and External surveys of existing and new build properties, with raw data re-sampled to build revit models, virtual reality walk through's. By teaming up with one of the countries leading suppliers and innovators of CAA Approved UAV Land Surveying. We are able to offer this as part of a package if required. 

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Our services are tailored to the way you work, add in the benefits we provide, and you have a something worthwhile exploring.

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